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We have matched hundreds of home movers to Edinburgh from all over the UK and beyond with exactly the right rental property, so we understand you’ve got a lot to consider when you are looking for a property to rent. We also know that for most of us, our free time is very important and that’s why we won’t waste this precious commodity showing you unsuitable or badly presented properties.  

The right property, the right location and at the right price! 

Our property management team will work hard on your behalf to find you the right type of property, in the right location and at the right price. And once you have settled in we are always on call if you need us. We have an excellent portfolio of properties for rent, from city centre apartments to country properties, whatever you are looking for we will find it. Each of our properties is impeccably maintained furnished and decorated so you’ll feel at home straight away.

Get advice from the your local property letting experts 

If you’re new to Edinburgh and need to know about local amenities – from schools and bus routes to the quickest way to your new office or local gym – we’ll help. We live locally too! Pick up the phone, your new home might only be a call away.

Common Maintenance Issues

Please remember that you have a tenancy obligation to look after your rented property. You should treat the property as if it was your own; for example report maintenance issues promptly and sensibly and dealing with maintenance issues as if you owned it and you should take pro-active steps to ensure that unnecessary maintenance issues do not arise.  Here is a list of problems you should be able to fix yourself.  Try these before calling us.

Sink Blockages
Firstly empty out the water with a jug.  Pour some sink unblocker down the drain (available from all major supermarkets / convenience stores then leave for the desired time.  If this does not clear the block after a couple of attempts you will need to use a plunger (which can be found at all major DIY stores).

Power Loss To The Property/Lights Not Working
First, check to see if there is a reason why the lights are not working.  If it is just one light, there is a good chance it is just a light bulb that needs to be changed.  You are responsible for changing the lightbulbs in your property.

If it is more than one light that is not working and/or there is a loss of power to part of the property, it may be that one of the main electrical switches has tripped.  These are usually located at the fuse box (familiarise yourself with its location)  Some trip switches may need to be just switched back on again; some may be RCD switches which have a button which needs to be pressed first and then the switch put back to the on position.  Older fuse boards may need the fuse to have a new wire fitted.  If this is the case then contact our maintenance team.

Central Heating/hot water issues
Firstly please remember to make sure the boiler is switched on. The main power switch is usually located on a wall close to the boiler itself.

Combination Boilers
Please check the boiler pressure gauge located in the boiler itself or behind a panel. The panel may have operational instructions on it to guide you, otherwise type the boiler make and model into a search engine like yahoo to search for the instruction manual. The gauge should read between 1.0 and 1.5 bar.  If it is lower that this then you will need to top up your boiler.  The boiler will automatically stop working if the pressure gets too low (below approx 0.5 bar).

Electric Storage Heaters
These heaters automatically switch on at night when the electricity changes over to a cheaper tariff (normally around 10 - 11pm) and then they switch off in the morning (around 7.30 
to 8am).  They heat up overnight then slowly release the heat the following day.  You cannot turn the heater on and get instant heat and you must ensure that it is left switched on at night in order for the heater to work the following day. If the heaters are not working, check the settings and that all heaters are plugged in and turned on.  Some are wired into a fused point at the wall:  if so, check the fuse.  The trip switch at the main fuse board should also be checked. If it is still not working then contact our maintenance team.

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